Turbo 350 vacuum modulator hook up

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How to Install a GM <em>Turbo</em> <em>350</em> Automatic Transmission It Still.

How to Install a GM Turbo 350 Automatic Transmission It Still. the poor thing was swetting like a 2 dollar whore in church for the most part the swap was a direct replacement. What you need to control the shift points is a throttle position switch/sensor and it sounds like you have one one your motor that mounts o the IP its the kind with vacuum lines on it not wires. The Turbo 350 was a fully. How to Install a GM Turbo 350. Push the rubber vacuum line onto the nipple in the center of the vacuum modulator located.

Adjusting shift points on 1985 <i>turbo</i> <i>350</i> automatic - Club Hot Rod

Adjusting shift points on 1985 turbo 350 automatic - Club Hot Rod However i had to take the torque converter from the th400 that was orinally bolted to the 6.2 . i know, it's seems week, but it was the easiest route to go for now. maybe you guys mht have ideas on how to solve this; 1. how can i make the tv linkage hook up to the throttle arm? you just run one vacuum line from the pump to it and the then one from the sensor to the modulator, then you adjust the senor to make it shift rht,you have to make sure the hoses are the rht way in and out or it wont work rht. I have been told that the shift points on an older 1985 turbo 350. Is there a rht way or a wrong way to hook up my vacuum modulator?

Where do I <b>hook</b> up the <b>vacuum</b> on a <b>350</b> <b>turbo</b> transmission.

Where do I hook up the vacuum on a 350 turbo transmission. I've come across 6.2/th350 combos on the net, so there has to be a way. there is another hookup on the arm for what looks like a tv cable, or it could be meant for cruise control... I just swapped my t350 out for a 700r4 my old t350 came with a bad cable and I could not seem to get the rht one for it so I just did without it worked fine once I got the throttle position deal set rht For now you can simply take the vacuum hose from the modulator and direct it upon the vacuum pump port. Your engine should have a TV cable bracket bolted upon it next to the intake manifold to the rear of the driver side valve cover area. Best Answer The Vacuum modulator is located on the back of the transmission low on the passengers side. The engine vacuum connection is directly to the.

Turbo 350 vacuum modulator hook up:

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